Developer Manifesto for ReadIT

Future of the product and upcoming updates – Version 1.1 – Last Update 1.1.2021


In 2002 we recognized the essential need to make the web more accessible to people with reading and writing disabilities.

We develop our products to be as simple, clean, intuitive, customizable, and easy to use while providing powerful functionality and a rich, comprehensive feature-packed utility, thus bringing value to our customer’s business while simultaneously providing free tools to people with disabilities through the merge of innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

Since the start, our main philosophy and motivation have always been to contribute to making the world a fair and equal place. With the belief that every website must provide a fully immersive experience to every single visitor regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We are constantly working on improvements to our products by adding new functionality and features, streamlining designs, efficiency, and productivity of our products, while believing in quick, agile, and effective customer support to provide the services that our customers need.

In 2019 We began a complete overhaul of our flagship product – ReadIT. We were able to redesign the product’s appearance and improve User Experience, while adding multiple new features and functionalities. We have a lot more planned regarding the future development of our products.

We decided that now, just as we are now rebuilding our website, it has come the tame to share our vision for the future of the product with all our current and future customers. The following sections of this manifesto will contain multiple topic points describing the goals we have set for our selves regarding the features and functionalities:

New Customer Experience

In the past two years, while designing the new look of ReadIT, we also recognized the need for us to bring the same level of customization not only to the end users but to our customers as well. With all that in mind we are currently working on a brand-new Customer Service Portal which will be provided to all our customers:

    • A way to track multiple telemetries and data regarding functional user interaction with ReadIT.
    • The ability to request modifications or immediate customer service request by raising a Move Add Change (MAC) or Incident tickets.
    • A way to adjust all the default product settings and enabling/disabling user features.
    • A way to generate, and seamlessly implement their own custom design for the product, fitting to the look of their websites.
    • Access to automated implementation process of our product.
    • The ability to quickly access development, service and contract information, documentation, and patch notes.

Improving core functionalities

We are currently working on brand new backend API, which will enable us to provide multiple improvements to our core functionalities:

    • We are constantly improving the audio quality.
    • We are constantly improving highlighting accuracy and quality.
    • We are constantly improving word and phrase pronunciations to provide a natural user interaction.
    • We are working on a Web Assets enabling functionality that will allow multiple non-text-based web assets to be read out loud to the users.

New User experience and features

We are constantly adding new user features and improving customer experience. Our goal is to provide users a wide range of enabling functionalities:

    • Implementing an extensive multilingual dictionary (partially implemented with ReadIT 3.0)
    • Implementing tools that provide increased visual clearance such as:
      • Quick adjustment of text size and color to increase contrast and readability.
      • Simplified page transformation for persons with visual impairment.

Availability, stability, security.

We are currently at the final phase of our long infrastructure and backend update. We managed to increase the stability of our servers and API drastically over the last year that now allows us to maintain a minimum of 99% SLA fulfilment, thus guaranteeing stability and security to our customer.

To continue the good work, we have done so far, we are now focusing creating and implementing internal monitoring system, specifically designed to identify performance and/or execution issues on every single deployment of our products.

Fair, transparent, and affordable pricing.

As we’ve managed to remain an independent software developer for almost 20 years, by optimizing, streamlining, and automating certain development processes, we can provide the most competitive prices on the market. We plan to remain the most affordable, transparent, and fair service provider on the market.

In conclusion

Due to our believe in constant open communication with our customers and users, we are planning to constantly update our developer manifesto alongside with all every stable release of our product. We are always happy to interact with our customers and users, so if you are either interested in out product, or just want to say “Hi!” feel free to contact Us!


With Best Regards

Insipio AB Development Team